Hi there! Welcome to my weblog. 👋

I’m Je Sian Keith Herman and I’m your average enjoyer of 🍨 ice cream, ☕ iced coffee, and 🍹 iced tea. I am currently a 4th year student at Bicol University studying Chemical Engineering.

I’m passionate about data, data visualization, and programming. I am a data-driven person and I love to find patterns and insights in data.

I am also interested in creating visualizations to communicate my findings. I am a self-taught programmer (not quite there yet though) and I enjoy creating scripts in my free time to automate tasks and to make my work more efficient.1

This is the place where I share my thoughts, tools, interests, projects, showcases, experiences, etc. Check out the blog for some of it. Feel free to ping me or give feedback through any of my contact details.

If you’re looking for what I am up to these days, check out my Now page.


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How do you pronounce your first name?

My first name “Je Sian Keith” is pronounced as /ʤi ʃan kiːθ/ (ji shan kith).

What is your horoscope?

It’s Gemini.



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  1. This blog is an example project. ↩︎

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