A New Teto

FAQ: What is a Vocaloid/UTAUloid?

Having heard of the news of the new Synthesizer V voicebank release of Kasane Teto at the end of April (4 weeks ago), I was looking forward to the covers with her new voice. Unfortunately, it was the end of the semester so school requirements were coming from left and right and so took priority. But, I was not expecting this.

I was only able to listen to the covers today and I was surprised to hear that her voice was so clean, clear, and human-like. I was expecting closer to her robotic voice, like her original UTAU Teto voice, but she sounds so realistic and even clearer than some of the modern Vocaloids. The breaths and the inflections are just so nice to hear. Where Yamaha’s performance has been lagging recently, Teto’s new voice is a breath of fresh air.

The years 2020 to 2023 just keep on coming with the technological surprises. From quickly synthesized mRNA vaccines, to being able to talk in real-time with a Large Language Model, to being able to synthesize a voice so clearly like Teto, what a time to be alive!

Here are some of the covers I particularly liked:

Seeing red

Can’t. Turn. Back. Tiiime~
I’ll always be a prisoner to my ambition.

A random video of Metro Manila

This video was taken on a bus during my class’s field tour of various industrial/chemical plants in the Philippines on 2023-03-23.