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The Past

Back to the present? The Year 2023 Nothing yet. The Year 2022 November 2022-11-28 Doing some improvements to my streamlit app for personal statistics/dashboard (something like the idea behind Exist.io but I get to build it myself from scratch). Have made progress integrating my Todoist tasks, Telegram, and Notion. 2022-11-15 I am reading Ryan Holiday’s book “Ego is the Enemy”. So far after glancing at the table of contents and the first few pages, it seems it would be an interesting read. 2022-11-05 I am reading through the Mushoku Tensei Light Novel Series. I am now at volume 19 of the official English-translated light novels.



Hi there! Welcome to my weblog. 👋

I’m Je Sian Keith Herman and I’m your average enjoyer of 🍨 ice cream, ☕ iced coffee, and 🍹 iced tea. I am currently a 4th year student at Bicol University studying Chemical Engineering.


This is a “now page”. If you have a site, you can make one too.1 Also check out howis.jskherman for some stats and #TIL for what I learn from time to time. General Updates 2023-01-16 Classes are starting again and this time this is the 2nd semester of my fourth year in college for my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Judging from the curriculum, this semester is going to be hectic with classes need to be virtually done by the end of April 2023. 2022-12-28 Doing some improvements to my streamlit app for personal statistics/dashboard (something like the idea behind Exist.

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