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Git Word-Diff and Wayback Machine Extension

Git Word Diff #TIL about the --word-diff parameter in Git which is a very useful option to see the changes in a file. It is especially useful for Markdown and LaTeX files, where the changes are usually in the form of words and sentences. The default git diff just shows the changes in the form of lines, which is not very useful for Markdown and LaTeX files. The command git diff --word-diff shows the changes in the form of words and sentences....

A New Teto

FAQ: What is a Vocaloid/UTAUloid? Having heard of the news of the new Synthesizer V voicebank release of Kasane Teto at the end of April (4 weeks ago), I was looking forward to the covers with her new voice. Unfortunately, it was the end of the semester so school requirements were coming from left and right and so took priority. But, I was not expecting this. ...

Applying multiple variable transforms in VS Code Snippets

TL;DR: It might not be possible. But there are workarounds via capture groups. #TIL how to apply multiple transforms to a variable in VS Code snippets using RegEx capture groups. I was trying to create a VS Code snippet for quickly creating new markdown files with prefilled Hugo post metadata fields, particularly for my SITREP posts. I wanted to be able to type @sitrep and have it expand to the following (using an example filename):...

Finally finished migrating my website — again (x4)

Lessons I learned in my journey of migrating my website four times, encountering template issues, and exploring various themes and site generators.

Seeing red

Can’t. Turn. Back. Tiiime~ I’ll always be a prisoner to my ambition.

A random video of Metro Manila

This video was taken on a bus during my class’s field tour of various industrial/chemical plants in the Philippines on 2023-03-23.

jskherman's GitHub contribution chart from 2020 to 2022

Exporting all of my GitHub Contributions History

Learn how to use Python to scrape a GitHub user's profile for their daily commit data and export it to a CSV file with this tutorial.

Calculating marginal improvement in the 1% Rule

I got curious as to how the 37% improvement in James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits” was calculated. As such, I went about figuring out how and tried to generalize it to different time periods (rather than just a year) and with variable improvement and regression rates for each day. ...

Scraping PCSO Lottery Data to Excel with Python

Learn how to scrape and prepare data for analyzing lottery results in Excel.

How to tackle a Textbook

A blog post detailing how one might go about reading a textbook effectively.